Online Painting Courses and Mentorships

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Video Club — $39/month

This Monthly Club has OPEN-enrollment and is for the artist that is interested in receiving monthly tutorials and demos covering a wide range of painting topics, as opposed to a structured workshop course.  It begins with Workshop Video Module 1 plus the current months instructional video release.   Each member can also access all archived video content (which includes previous demos and tutorials).    Subsequent Core Workshop Modules are released every 3 months of continuous membership.   This is a very flexible program that you can cancel at anytime.  All Levels Welcome!

Self-Guided Workshop — $395/year

This 1 year OPEN-enrollment course is a great opportunity to go through much of the same material used in a LIVE Dave Santillanes Workshop, but at your leisure and from the comforts of your own studio.     It begins with the immediate release of all 5 Core Workshop Modules – viewable for the entire year.  Questions about the content of each video are discussed in an open group forum.  In addition to the video modules NEW instructional videos will be released each month.  All Levels Welcome. 

Mentorship Program — $695/year

This is a LIMITED-enrollment 1-year course designed for the landscape painter who wants more support and feedback from Dave and others in the mentorship program.  It begins with the release of 5 core workshop modules that are viewable for the entire year.  Along with these 5 videos, Dave will release at least one new instructional video each month based on needs of the group.  As students begin to apply the concepts in the videos, there’ll be occasional group critiques, as well as 2 in-depth individual email critiques.   Participants will also have the option to join a PRIVATE social forum where questions about the videos and other painting topics can be discussed with other current members of the Mentorship program.  All Levels Welcome! 

Individual Coach Program — $1495

This 4 month LIMITED-enrollment course includes 1-Year access to all the Video Content and offers the most one-on-one interaction of any of the courses. It’s for artists needing a more focused and direct approach to improving their skills.  After an initial one-on-one assessment we’ll figure out the direction you’d like to go with your work – and develop a plan to get there.  There’ll be LIVE meetings every month to continue offering feedback on things that are going well and things that need more work (this will happen via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or email).  We’ll also include 2 in-depth email critiques using photoshop to visually demonstrate ideas.  There’ll be specific painting assignments and video recommendations to address individual artist’s needs.  And after the course has ended we’ll have an optional follow-up meeting to see how things are progressing.  Artists will have access to ALL the videos offered in the other levels.

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